What is Hypnobirthing?

IMG_3341A baby’s first entrance into the world is a hugely significant and wonderful moment in your life and so important for your baby. Hypnobirthing offers you a pathway to ensure you both have an empowering, safe experience, whatever type of birth you are planning, from homebirth to elective C-section, or anything in between.

Most parents, after the euphoria of discovering they are pregnant, then look towards the day of birth with a mixture of fear, excitement and apprehension, But mainly fear. How can a living being come out of that? It’s bound to be really really painful, right?

Wrong. Despite what we’ve been led to believe by the media, birth is a natural experience. Our bodies are designed to give birth naturally. Mothers who have practiced Hypnobirthing are more likely to have natural births with less medical intervention. They tend to be quicker, calmer, and often free from pain relief.

toes editedWhat it isn’t:

As mumbo-jumbo as it sounds, Hypnobirthing does not involve hypnotizing mothers into a trance like state. It is rooted in understanding our physiology, using the science behind birth to equip parents with the knowledge and skills to approach birth with confidence.

What it is:

Hypnobirthing is an approach to birth and labour that allows a mother and partner to let go of their fears and concerns. The ‘hypno’ part is simply offering tools to allow them to reframe their mindset about birth and to remember that birth is a natural, non-medicalised act. The course enables mothers to work with their bodies to achieve the best possible birth for her and her baby. Parents come away from the course with knowledge and confidence, anticipating the big day with calmness, positivity and joy.

pregnant tumBenefits for mum:

Hypnobirthing allows the mother to approach her birth with confidence and positivity, as opposed to nervousness and fear. It allows her to feel empowered and to be able to take proactive steps to choosing the type of birth she wants. Hypnobirthing can also reduce the need for medical intervention, increasing the chances of a natural, drug free delivery and birth. It can allow her to enjoy and love her birth experience!

Benefits for baby:

With a Hypnobirth, the baby will more likely experience a calmer, more gentle birthing experience. The delicate hormonal dance between mother and baby will be respected, allowing baby’s first moments in the world to be calm, safe and incredibly special. Hypnobirthed babies tend to require less medical intervention and enter the world in a calmer, more alert state.

dad and baby b:w Benefits for dad/birth partner:

Hypnobirthing allows the birthing partner to take a proactive role in the birth of their child. It can help alleviate any fears and concerns that the birth partner can have leading up to birth, and also provides him (or her) with the tools to protect and support the mother. They will be able to make informed decisions throughout labour, offering an important go-between between mother and birthing professionals.

‘She knew she could, so she did’

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