Hypnobirthing removes all the fear surrounding labour…

About the course:

‘You were a natural fit in our birth journey, Saskia. Thank you. You just exude warmth and open heartedness and empathy, so it was easy for both of us to feel comfortable doing things that might otherwise make us feel silly or self-conscious. I didn’t know we’d get so many facts about the birth process itself, so that was reassuring and educational too. I feel SO MUCH more in control and prepared now.’ – Laura

‘I thoroughly enjoyed our KGH course with Saskia. Saskia created a safe space of warmth and ease for my Partner and I to discuss our previous birth experience and explore the tool of Hypnobirthing we had not considered with our first Birth. I felt I had permission to articulate my true feelings regarding the lack of support I felt during my first birth and this paved the way forth to really consider, discuss and put in place supports needed to optimise a sense of a safe space for me to Birth with as little intervention as possible – very different to my first experience. 

Saskia has a beautiful voice and orated the practice scripts with genuine warmth and calm which left my Partner and I floating at the end of each session. Thank you Saskia – it was a real treat to share those evenings with you.’ – Corinne

The motivation for me personally was to create an opportunity to work with my partner on visualising the labour and birth, and I feel that was absolutely provided by Saskia’ – Rachel

About the Online course:

It was a far friendlier and more accessible and personal service than expected (especially given the Zoom thing).  It also provided a really supportive forum for discussion of concerns outside hypnobirthing, eg worries about the position of the baby.

Overall, a really enjoyable experience which has made a positive impact in terms of our preparation and confidence as we approach the big day!  Would thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing generally and Saskia particularly to anyone else interested in finding out more about pregnancy and birth.’ – James

About the birth:

‘Hypnobirthing removes all the fear surrounding labour. A two day course gifted me a realIMG_4372understanding of the history and process of childbirth. I felt safe in the knowledge that my body is designed for this and that it is possible to have a quiet and relaxed experience.

I had Eme in a birthing pool in hospital under three hours, without any drugs at all. Hypnobirthing meant my husband and I remained focused and calm the whole time. We managed the preceding weeks and the labour with as little drama as possible.’  – Natasha

 ‘I have been present at Hypnobirthing births and seen how in control the women are, and how also the partners are a lot calmer and able to help, and what a difference it really does make to the start of parenthood for them’Midwife

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